Give the gift of candy! I’ve always loved giving and getting candy as a gift, so I created a candy bouquet perfect for any occasion. The great thing about candy is that it appeals to everyone – young and old.

It’s pretty simple. All you need is:
1. A bucket of your choice that is fairly small 
2. Floral foam 
3. Wooden sticks/skewers 
4. Packing tape
5. A variety of candy 
6. Paper party filler 

candy bouquet
First, fill your bucket snugly with floral foam. 
DSC_0190Tape your candy to wooden sticks. 
Poke wooden sticks into foam and keep filling until almost no foam is showing, choosing a larger-sized candy to center everything around (I chose Red Vines). 
DSC_0197Fill any extra space, especially the back, with paper filler to cover the foam. 
DSC_0212Finished product!
Candy buckets can be made for themed parties, holidays, or any special occasion by choosing different kinds of candy. 


Whether you are turning 2 or 22, you can’t go wrong with a candy-themed party. Here are a few ideas to add a sweet touch to that special day. You can incorporate one or all of these ideas and adapt them to fit your party colors/theme/etc. Add a candy buffet to really impress guests and go all out!

Lollipop invites

Lollipop invitations! Simply print out the party info, cut into a fun shape, and attach to a lollipop with string.


Candy necklace napkin holders

candy party

Gummy bears in plastic cups for snacking

candy favors

To-go boxes filled with candy and tissue paper as party favors!