Candy Kabobs are super easy and a fun activity to do for a party, bridal shower, or family activity. Not only do they taste great, but look good on display as well. All you need is wooden skewers and a variety of gummy candy. If you have a color theme, choose colored candy that goes with it and if not, choose a variety of candy. Candy kabobs make fun and easy gifts as well if they’re wrapped in cellophane bags and tied with ribbon. Simply slide candy down a skewer and keep stacking until the skewer is full and enjoy!  You can also find these kabobs featured in Buzzfeed’s article “31 Foods On A Stick That Are Borderline Genius.”

candy kabob
candy kabobscandy kabobs


Winter is my favorite time of the year and when I discovered I could turn snow into candy, it was one of the best days ever! Next time you find yourself stuck inside on a snowy day, try making some candied snow (aka snow ice cream) with all that fresh powder! It’s VERY simple and tastes super sweet! 

Candied Snow
candied snow


All you need is:
8 C. fresh snow
1 can sweetened condensed milk
1 T vanilla
Go outside and measure your snow in a mixing bowl. Then add the condensed milk and vanilla, stir it up, and top with sprinkles! It’s that easy.  A fun idea for a winter-themed birthday party as well!