One of my favorite things about Trader Joe’s is that every time I go, I always find something new to try! I love it because you can find unique things there that you can’t find anywhere else, including all of their candy. The best part about it (and candy at Ikea) is that everything is made with natural flavors and colors – it makes SUCH a big difference in how good they taste! Why can’t everyone make their candy like that? ūüėČ Each time I go I grab a new candy to try, so this last time I went I decided to¬†pick up my top five favorite Trader Joe’s candies to share with¬†you, starting with my favorite…

trader joes sour gummiesOf all the Trader Joe’s candy I’ve tried, their Ts and Js Sour Gummies are by far MY FAVORITE!! I love anything that is sour and gummy and these took it to another level. The flavors are to die for (Tangerine, Lime, Grapefruit, Lemon) and taste just like the fruit itself. The colors are muted because they actually use colors derived from real fruits and vegetables.

DSC_0710¬† My second favorite candies were the milk chocolate peanut butter cups. Who doesn’t love peanut butter and chocolate?? They look like individually wrapped Reese’s, but taste even better. The peanut butter is definitely creamier and more ‘real’ tasting. The chocolate is also more rich as well. They are a must-try!

DSC_0743I¬†am a big fan of milk chocolate, so I couldn’t resist picking up a simple milk chocolate bar. The bar is even wrapped in gold foil (I love the little details)! I think the back of the bar describes it perfectly‚Ķ “This milk chocolate bar is made with special caramelized milk, resulting in an extra creamy, smooth texture. Rich milk chocolate surrounds an intense, velvety smooth, dark chocolate truffle center. A sumptuous bar with a classic taste.” There ya go.

DSC_0749I¬†have to admit that this Dark Chocolate Coconut Caramel bar is one of my favorites purely because of the packaging! I can’t stop staring at it and almost didn’t open it because it’s too pretty. The details put into packaging is one of my favorite things about Trader Joe’s. I am not even a big dark chocolate fan, but I sure love coconut an caramel so it kind of balances out. For those of you that are big dark chocolate fans, this would be one to try.

DSC_0752The Mango! Mango! Gummies are another one of my FAVORITES! Again, I can’t resist anything gummy. They come in three flavors including mango, mango/yogurt and mango/passionfruit. And again, the thing that makes these so delicious is that they are made with all-natural flavors an colors, making them perfectly sweet and juicy!

trader joes candyWhat are your favorite Trader Joe’s candies? Share them in the comments!


It’s that time of the year‚Ķ college football season! In honor of BYU (my alma mater and favorite team) and their exciting season-opening win, I wanted to create a Cougar-themed treat. I came up with a BYU tackle box filled with blue and white candy, including gum balls, m&m’s, licorice, mint patties, gummy sharks and some fun BYU taffy from Taffy Town! This makes the perfect gift for your dad, husband, BYU student, or BYU football fan in your life. Go pick out candy in colors of your team and get creative!

BYU tackle boxBYU Tackle Box

BYU tackle box
BYU Tackle Box BYU candy