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Growing up, my mom ALWAYS had candy out in bowls and jars around the house for guests (and us) to grab and eat. It was (and still is when I go home) the best! Multiple friends of mine have even mentioned that this is one of the things they remember most about visiting my house. I’ve kept the tradition alive as I’ve moved out, gotten married and collected candy jars of my own.

With Halloween (the CANDY holiday!) around the corner, I started decorating with candy a little more than usual. Candy can add the perfect touch of ‘fun’ to your home while keeping it classy at the same time. I brought out different glass jars I have and created a mini candy bar for guests to enjoy when they are over. If you are hosting a Halloween party this year, just add a few more jars and you’ve got a candy buffet! I find all of my candy at Winco in their bulk bins. All of the candy displayed in these photos was under $10!

As I’ve decorated with candy, I’ve developed a few guidelines I go by that help make it as visually-appealing as possible. Follow these tips for the perfect Halloween candy decor:

1. Color – Choose candy colors that match your event/holiday or colors that compliment each other when side-by-side. I like to include pastels and bright colors to add dimension.

2. Texture – I have found that adding a variety of different textured candies makes candy decor much more eye-catching. Include sugarcoated sour candy, gummy candy, hard candy, etc. I found that it’s also important to add a good variety of candy sizes (large and small) to add depth to the display.

3. Height – I collect jars of all shapes and sizes (tall, short, wide, narrow, small, large). The different height they each have add dimension to the display and different size jars can fit better together, making your display look more ‘full’.  You can also add different heights to your display other ways, including placing some jars on decorative crates or on books covered in fabric.

Happy Halloween!


If you haven’t tried chocolate covered cinnamon bears yet… YOU NEED TO! I first tried these at the BYU Bookstore where people go crazy for them. Chocolate + cinnamon + gummy doesn’t sound the most appetizing but you would be surprised…This past week I decided to try making them myself and of course they taste even better homemade. I went with milk chocolate because I prefer the sweeter taste compared to semi-sweet chocolate chips. It really just depends on your preference. I love buying the cinnamon bears and chocolate chips in bulk at Winco. These also make the perfect fall or holiday gift for friends, co-workers, teachers, etc! Chocolate covered cinnamon bears are definitely at the top of my list now.Follow the the three easy steps below to enjoy!

1. Melt a small bowl of chocolate chips in microwave (milk chocolate or semi-sweet, whichever you prefer)

2. Dip cinnamon bears in chocolate (you can use a toothpick for a less-messy option) and set on wax paper or rubber baking mat to harden

3. Package bears up in cellophane bags tied with ribbon and enjoy!
Chocolate covered cinnamon bears Chocolate covered cinnamon bears Chocolate covered cinnamon bears