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One of the things I love most about candy (besides eating it of course) is the artistic side to it. Candy is so much more than pure happiness in your mouth… The colors, textures and everything about candy have always been inspiring to me. I remember how much I loved candy necklaces as a kid so when I was thinking of what I wanted to create next, I came up with the idea of creating a more grown up, fashionable version of candy bracelets. They turned out to be very simple to make while looking chic at the same time! Next time you are looking for a gift for your best friends or party idea for guests, try making candy bracelets!

All you need is: Elastic cord, needle, assortment of gummy candy

I chose a variety of gummy candies, including Warhead Chewy Cubes, Jelly Belly Champagne Bubbles and Haribo Sour Gummy Bears. After threading the needle with the elastic, you can string the candies in any order you would like. I chose to create a simple classic white one along with a multi-colored bracelet and a Christmas-colored bracelet. Personally, I like them all stacked on one wrist together! Now, the trick is to see how long you can make your candy bracelets last before the urge to eat them kicks in. 🙂