candy giftsLooking for the perfect gift for that candy lover in your life? Here are some of my favorites sure to make that special someone’s Christmas even sweeter!

  1. Candy cane body lotion and shower gel
  2. Porcelain candy dish (the cutest candy dish ever!! I want them all!)
  3. Kate Spade wallet
  4. Sugarfina candy tasting box (cutest packaging!)
  5. Dylan’s Candy Bar holiday tackle box (Anything from Dylan’s is the best!)
  6. Glass trinket tray


DSC_0785^^ The initial 42-inch diameter ornament doesn’t look heavy but it actually weighed a lot itself!

DSC_0811 DSC_0817 DSC_0834

DSC_0876^^ The ornament started tilting after we added so much candy to the front so Preston inserted two 20 lb dumbbells in the back. You can’t even tell on the finished product 🙂DSC_0856  DSC_0889  DSC_0955 DSC_0956 DSC_0965 DSC_0991 IMG_4924



These past couple of months I’ve been working on my biggest candy project to date and I’m excited to finally announce that it’s completed! A little background on how the project came about… This past summer I was reading the local news online and saw an article calling for artists for the 2015 Macy’s candy window displays. I had heard about the windows before and always thought it would be amazing to actually design one. After submitting a design (along with about 40 other people who submitted designs) to the visual team at Macy’s City Creek, I was called in for an interview with the local and national visual merchandisers for Macy’s. I couldn’t believe they loved my design! After learning more about the project, they announced that all the windows would be Peanuts-themed, so I had to re-submit a new design. The design I came up with was the scene in the Peanuts movie where Lucy is at her psychiatric help booth (hence, the name of my design – The Doctor Is In). When I got word that I was one of the six artists chosen, I couldn’t believe it! And that’s when I started the first steps in the process of creating the life-size candy ornament…

Choosing the candy and colors I wanted to use for my ornament was one of the most fun parts of the project. I chose candy of different colors and textures to help add dimension to it and make it come to life. Macy’s was so great about supplying all the candy, tools and a stipend for any supplies I needed. I was initially given the 42-inch diameter foam ball and began from there. The first part of the project included building parts of the design out of the ornament to make them look 3D and finding a way to make them stable enough to hold pounds and pounds of candy (lucking my husband Preston was a big help with this!). After that, there was a lot of painting (a rough paint job on the base makes it so white spots don’t show through the candy), gluing and long nights working on the ornament. Using silicone and hot glue, I glued thousands of pieces of candy in place one by one. Most of this took place outside in my garage (Macy’s was so nice to deliver the ornament and pick it up!).

All of the work that went into building and gluing every single piece of candy on was A LOT HARDER and wayyyyy more time consuming than expected. I probably should have worked on the project with a team like many of the other artists (at least I had Preston!). There were times I almost cried, quit, or just didn’t finish, but luckily I stuck through it! Thousands of pieces of candy and countless hours later, I finished my ornament and couldn’t be happier with the result! All six of the ornaments are absolutely amazing and such unique pieces of art. On November 19th, Macy’s held a grand unveiling of the windows with local media and hundreds of people in attendance. Thank you Macy’s for letting me be a part of such a sweet tradition in SLC!

The Macy’s candy windows are up now at Macy’s City Creek and will be up through Christmas! If you get a chance, stop by!

Read more about the candy windows here and here. 🙂

Candy used on my ornament (all from

Cotton candy rock candy

Cherry Jelly Belly’s

White gumballs

Champagne bubbles

Purple Jelly Belly’s

Pink chocolate-covered sunflower seeds

Black licorice laces

Silver candied almonds

Green sixlets

Yellow Jelly Belly’s

Black jelly beans

White chocolate-covered sunflower seeds