snack hawaii candy^^so many fun candies to try!!konpeito japanese candy^^aren’t these BEAUTIFUL?! konpeito japanese candy li hing sour fruit salad^^sour fruit salad. YUMlychee candy li hing mai sour belts candy^^another favorite – li hing mui sour rainbow beltshawaiian and japanese candy konpeito japanese sugar candy konpeito japanese candy li hing hawaiian gummy bears hawaiian chocolate candy li hing sour fruit salad

Aloha! I am excited to share with you some of my favorite Hawaiian and Japanese candies that I tried recently from Snack Hawaii! I didn’t know this before but Hawaiian’s love their candy covered in Li Hing Mui powder, which is also known as ‘salty dried plum’. This powder adds an extra subtle kick to the sweet/sour flavor of gummy candies that makes them taste even better! I expected the Li Hing Mui powder to have a strong, distinct flavor but it really just enhances the flavor of the candy and makes it taste amazing! I tried li hing sour fruit salad, li hing sour rainbow belts, li hing sour gummy watermelons and li hing gummy bears. LOVED them all!

I also tried Konpeito, which are Japanese sugar candies (they look like little balls with spikes on them). These are beautiful and so fun to photograph – almost too pretty to eat! They taste similar to rock candy and are made with pure sugar. They’re something fun and new to try if you haven’t!

Finally, I sampled some lychee hard candies and chocolate-covered macadamia nuts with rice crisp. I loved the added crisp of the rice to the chocolate! I have to say though, I am not the biggest fan of lychee. I think it is an acquired taste I will have to develop over time. I’m working on it.

Next time you are craving something new, order some Hawaiian Li Hing Mui candy from Snack Hawaii (or visit their store if you happen to be in the Aloha state)! You won’t regret it. I promise. 🙂

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sugarfinasugarfina^^So hard to choose just three favorites!
sugarfina sugarfinasugarfina aphrodite strawberry^^These are my FAVORITE!!sugarfina candy store sugarfina sugarfina^^Can you see how the Confetti Dolci sparkle?!sugarfina

sugarfina sours sugarfina candy^^The back of each box of candy describes what they are and where they came from sugarfina sugarfina candy storesugarfina fruity loops^^On my list to try next time!sugarfina nye

While in NYC this past week, I had the chance to visit the ultimate candy store for grownups and sweetest new addition to the city – Sugarfina! Let me tell you… I have never been to a candy store like it! I visited the Time Warner Center location (they have a couple in NYC and larger ones around the country) and was in heaven when I walked in.

Sugarfina gives you truly a unique experience compared to other candy stores. Catered to adults, little boxes of the finest candies from around the world line the walls and bento boxes of different sizes are stacked and ready to be filled with the candies of your choice (I had the HARDEST time choosing just three for my bento box! I have a list of others I want to go back and try). My favorite part about Sugarfina was not only the presentation of the store, but the candy itself is of the highest quality from different places around the world and tastes unreal! I had a very hard time convincing myself to taste it because the candy is almost too pretty to eat… but once I did I couldn’t stop.

Another thing I love about Sugarfina is that on every little box of candy is a description of where it came from and what is it. They are all so unique! Read more about my three favorites…

Confetti Dolci  (Imported from Italy) – These shimmery, ethereal sugar discs will transport you straight into a Renoir painting. Invented in the late 1800’s by a visionary Italian candymaker, these delicate little sweets infuse Impressionist Era Paris into old world Italian technique. Almost too pretty to eat, each tiny morsel sparkles in the light, then melts on your tongue in flavors of peach, vanilla, violet, banana, anisette, and rose water.
A Sugarfina exclusive

Aphrodite Strawberry (Imported from Greece) – Candied Greek strawberries are dipped in sumptuous milk chocolate, then dressed in a speckled sugar shell. These exotic treats are named after the Greek Goddess Aphrodite, who, according to Greek myth, created the strawberry when she wept heart-shaped tears of sadness for her love, Adonis.

Heavenly Sours (Made in the U.S.) – One bite of these sweet & sour gummies will have you seeing stars… and suns, moons and clouds. Made with real fruit juice, these wonderful little sours are sanded with sweet and tart sugar crystals, for a taste that’s totally out of this world. Not too sour, not too sweet… just perfect.

If you are ever near a Sugarfina location, I HIGHLY recommend stopping in! And if you aren’t ever close, you can always order online. Every candy in the boutique is packaged to perfection, making the perfect gift for a friend or treat for yourself!

*Thank you to Sugarfina for sponsoring this post!