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This post is for all my fellow tennis players/fans…

My dad and I took a trip to Europe two years ago (probably my favorite trip I have been on). I remember walking into a cute little candy shop in Nice, France and seeing these tennis gumballs and thinking they were the cutest candy ever. Anyone that knows me knows I LOVE tennis and I LOVE candy – so these gumballs were meant for me. The funny thing is, tennis is what brought us to France in the first place – we went to watch the French Open! It was pretty unreal being at the French Open in person and seeing the pros play on clay – I’ll never forget it! Since that trip, I have searched the US for places that sell these and had no luck until I decided to search again a couple months ago and found them online.

I ordered a big bag of the tennis gumballs and came up with some cute packaging so I could give them out to all my tennis friends as a Christmas gift this year. They might not look it from the photos, but these gumballs are giant and super sour – in the best way! They even have a texture to them that makes them look exactly like an actual tennis ball. They’re almost too cute to eat – almost. I really hope all you tennis players get to enjoy these one day. Stay tuned because I just might be selling them soon.

Who else is anxious for the Australian Open in January? Merry Christmas everyone! 🙂