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I was so excited when I received this Unicorn Island Candy Bucket in the mail from All City Candy a few weeks ago! It’s one of the most unique treats I’ve been given and who doesn’t love unicorns right now? Once you open one of these treasure chests filled with unicorn-inspired treats, you’ll never be the same! This bucket makes the perfect gift for all occasions.

The Unicorn Island bucket consists of 10 unicorn-themed bags of candy and a Unicorn Island adventure story to go with it. I think my favorite part is how the candies all have cute unique unicorn-themed names like Tasty Kibbles (my favorite – they’re like Mike N Ikes!), Unicorn Hair, Unicorn Vomit, etc. The story that comes with it also helps create the whole unicorn experience 🙂

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the candy lover in your life this holiday season, share the sparkling magic of Unicorn Island with all your friends and spread the love as a true unicorn would!