My name is Emily Kelly and I created this blog out of a love for candy and all things sweet and serendipitous. Ever since I can remember, I have had a giant sweet tooth. When I think about how my love for candy began, it brings back some of the happiest and sweetest memories; from hiding Halloween candy under my pillow to eat at night, to painting lollipops as art, researching the history of bubblegum for class projects and interning at my favorite place in the world – Dylan’s Candy Bar.

I got married in May of 2015 to Preston, the male version of me. He gets credit for my blog name because randomly one day he called me ‘the candy blogger’ and it has stuck since. This blog is where I share my unique and fun ideas to incorporate candy into your life – from party and gift ideas to DIY tutorials, recipes and my latest candy finds. By sharing my love for candy, I hope to make other peoples’ lives a little sweeter.


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