Want to give the gift of jewelry but can’t afford all the jewels? Awhile ago I was thinking of creative gift ideas that I would want to receive myself and I came up with a candy jewelry box… a fun way to give the gift of jewelry with a sweet touch! I wanted to find the perfect jewelry box that I would actually put my real jewelry in that would also display the candy in a fun way, so when I saw this gold glass jewelry box at Target, I had to get it! If you want the same style jewelry box but a different shape, I also love these from Anthropologie.

After finding the perfect jewelry box, I collected different kinds of ‘jewelry candy’ including ring pops, candy necklaces and ring pop gummies (my new favorite!). You can find a big assortment of all kinds of candy jewelry here as well. Once you have the sweets, fill the  box with the ‘jewelry’, tie a bow around it and give it as a gift! When she finishes the candy, she can display her real jewels in the glass jewelry box that she can use forever. I’d say it’s a pretty sweet gift. 🙂

Candy Jewelry Box DSC_0560 Candy Jewelry Box Candy Jewelry Box

Ring Pop Candy Jewelry Box

Have other candy gift ideas? Share them in the comments!



It’s that time of the year… wedding season! Candy is always a fun touch to any aspect of a wedding, especially if it reflects the feel of the wedding and personality of the bride/groom. For my wedding this past May, of course I incorporated candy into it! I thought I would share three ways it added a touch of my personality to my wedding.

1. Custom Mehlenbacher’s Taffy Favors – When I first ran into Mehlenbacher’s taffy in a sweet shop in Utah, I knew I had to have them at my wedding. The taffy is made BY HAND, tastes amazing, and is the perfect size! They give you the option of using their labels or creating your own, so I designed ours. The taffy comes in almost every flavor you can think of and since I didn’t have specific colors for my wedding (it was garden-inspired with a lot of flowers) I decided to have a bunch of different flavors. Setting them up on a cute table in different jars is a great way to display them. We accented the taffy sticks with even more taffy from Sweet’s Candy to make the table more full and give guests more options. Taffy makes the perfect favor that guests will actually enjoy! 🙂

wedding taffy

wedding favors

mehlenbachers taffy

2. Candy On The Dessert Table – Of course all I wanted at my wedding was desserts, so we had the centerpiece of the reception be a big dessert table. We had multiple tiers we needed to fill and I thought of adding some gourmet candy in cupcake liners to one of them. We went with chocolate covered gummy bears and candy grapefruit slices. They added a nice touch to the table and tasted good too!

dessert table

dessert table

3. Give The Gift Of Candy – All of my close friends know I am obsessed with candy and interned at Dylan’s Candy Bar in New York City. Well, one of those friends flew in for the wedding and guess what she brought as a wedding gift… a Dylan’s Candy Bar Deluxe Choc-A-Lot Gift Box! It was seriously one of my favorite gifts and so thoughtful and creative. The box is fun and different than normal chocolates (it comes with everything from chocolate truffles to chocolate sandwich cookies, chocolate-covered pretzels and graham crackers!) and makes for the perfect date night. Preston and I tried to control ourselves and make it last as long as we could (which wasn’t very long). Such a fun wedding gift to get. This is an idea I am definitely going to use for other people now!

Chocolate Box Dyaln's Candy Bar Chocolate Box Chocolate Gift

Have other ways you’ve incorporated candy into your big day? Share them with me!