Add some color to oreos by covering them in chocolate! Create candied oreos for a party by choosing colors to go with the theme, or give them away as gifts. It’s super easy.
1. Buy colored candy melts (available at Michaels) and oreos
2. Start with one color and melt chocolate
3. Dip oreos in melted chocolate then set on wax paper or foil to dry (you can lay the oreos flat or on their sides)
4. Enjoy! (or fill clear cans with candied oreos and give as gifts!)
chocolate covered oreos
chocolate covered oreos
chocolate covered oreos
chocolate covered oreos
chocolate covered oreos
chocolate covered oreos
 Give candied oreos as a gift in a clear can!


One of the latest trends I have seen in events (weddings, parties, etc.) is candy buffets or dessert bars, so I decided to create my own. This particular candy buffet wasn’t for a specific event, but I chose an assortment of colors that could be used for a birthday, shower, wedding, or just for fun! Read this post to find more ideas to accent your sweet event.

– Collect clear jars of varying shapes/sizes (random is key to making the table look interesting, and jars can be bought cheap from second hand stores or you can borrow randomly from friends)
– Add height! Make some jars stand out more by putting them on top of a box (Mine is covered in white)
– Choose candy that goes with your theme (if you don’t have a theme, choose a colorful assortment like I did)
– Add a fun background (banner, streamers, pictures, etc.)
– Use fun containers for guests to put candy in, such as the paper cones I made (super easy!), cellophane bags with string, candy cups, etc. 
candy buffet