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While I was home in Oregon last weekend, I had the chance to visit Candy Babel! The owner, Amani (pictured above), was so sweet and fun! What makes her store so unique is that she carries candy from around the world with a rotating selection. How delightful! What I loved most about her cute shop is that she doesn’t spend any money on marketing, but instead raises money for local schools. How cool is that? I not only scooped up the unique bulk candy, but also took home some Lil Miss Marshmallows (made locally in Portland) and yummy peach cotton candy! I will definitely be making another visit when I go back home next!


pink starbursts limited editionpink starbursts limited editionpink starburst limited editionpink starburstYou guys! Exciting news for all you candy lovers… Starburst just came out with Limited Edition bags filled with all pink Starbursts! These bags are only available this month and are sold at select stores including Walmart, Target, Walgreens, Kroger, Meijer, HEB and Amazon (but they’re pretty expensive if you buy online).

I FINALLY got my hands on some this weekend! After taking trips to multiple stores (Walmart, Target, and Kroger) and having no luck finding the All-Pink Starbursts, I decided I would call stores beforehand. I called four different Walgreens stores and they were all sold-out, so I tried one last Walgreens and they happened to have five left in stock! I had them hold all five and rushed there to buy them. And I’m happy to say the search was worth it! They’re everything I hoped for! I want to keep a bag unopened just so I can have it forever. If you come across them, be sure to buy in bulk because I don’t know if they’ll ever be coming back!

Let me know if you end up snagging yourself some!