candy books unwrap your sweet life - dylan laurenunwrap your sweet life - dylan lauren^^LOVE all the fun ideas of ways to use candy in this book! laduree chocolate - candy book^^This book is almost too pretty to touch… laduree chocolate - candy book place to go, people to see - kate spade

Two things I LOVE are candy (duh) and coffee table books. I have collected coffee table books since I was in college and I can’t get enough of them! I don’t even have space to put all of them on display but I still can’t resist a beautiful, large book. As I’ve collected some of my favorites, I’ve found some unique candy books that I wanted to share! These three books are not only beautiful but are also actually great reads!

  1. Unwrap Your Sweet Life By Dylan Lauren – This was obviously one of my first coffee table books and one I picked up after interning at Dylan’s Candy Bar. Not only are the images of candy stunning, but the book has candy ideas for every holiday, unique facts about candy, and a little bit about Dylan herself! Definitely a favorite.
  2. Chocolate – Les Marquis de Laduree – Yes, this is the same Laduree that makes the BEST macaroons in Paris but this book is entirely dedicated to chocolate. Not only will you read about new varieties and uses of chocolate but also the history of chocolate and famous chocolate connoisseurs. I love the classic images in this book!
  3. Places to Go People to See By Kate Spade – Ok, I mostly flip through this book because the images are TO DIE FOR. But, I am also a big traveler and love reading about places around the world that I want to visit. This book showcases chic travel destinations from Kate Spade’s perspective and what to do in each place, including where to eat (including sweet shops!).


snack hawaii candy^^so many fun candies to try!!konpeito japanese candy^^aren’t these BEAUTIFUL?! konpeito japanese candy li hing sour fruit salad^^sour fruit salad. YUMlychee candy li hing mai sour belts candy^^another favorite – li hing mui sour rainbow beltshawaiian and japanese candy konpeito japanese sugar candy konpeito japanese candy li hing hawaiian gummy bears hawaiian chocolate candy li hing sour fruit salad

Aloha! I am excited to share with you some of my favorite Hawaiian and Japanese candies that I tried recently from Snack Hawaii! I didn’t know this before but Hawaiian’s love their candy covered in Li Hing Mui powder, which is also known as ‘salty dried plum’. This powder adds an extra subtle kick to the sweet/sour flavor of gummy candies that makes them taste even better! I expected the Li Hing Mui powder to have a strong, distinct flavor but it really just enhances the flavor of the candy and makes it taste amazing! I tried li hing sour fruit salad, li hing sour rainbow belts, li hing sour gummy watermelons and li hing gummy bears. LOVED them all!

I also tried Konpeito, which are Japanese sugar candies (they look like little balls with spikes on them). These are beautiful and so fun to photograph – almost too pretty to eat! They taste similar to rock candy and are made with pure sugar. They’re something fun and new to try if you haven’t!

Finally, I sampled some lychee hard candies and chocolate-covered macadamia nuts with rice crisp. I loved the added crisp of the rice to the chocolate! I have to say though, I am not the biggest fan of lychee. I think it is an acquired taste I will have to develop over time. I’m working on it.

Next time you are craving something new, order some Hawaiian Li Hing Mui candy from Snack Hawaii (or visit their store if you happen to be in the Aloha state)! You won’t regret it. I promise. 🙂

*Thank you to Snack Hawaii for sponsoring this post