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How come candy on a stick is so much more fun than candy from a bag? Candy kabobs were one of the first things I started making when I created this blog and they are still my favorite project to date! I recently fulfilled an order of candy kabobs for a baby shower and I loved them so much I wanted to share how cute they turned out! I took my original fruit candy kabob and tweaked it to fit the theme of the baby shower, including customized tags. Aren’t they the perfect candy party favor?

I love being able to make someone’s party/event that much sweeter with candy! What’s the best candy party favor you have ever received? Comment below and share!

PS – Thanks to everyone who helped me fulfill this order so quick – you know who you are 😉 More exciting candy projects coming SOON!



candy cocktailscandy cocktails candy cocktails candy cocktails candy cocktails candy cocktails candy cocktails mini orange slices candy

This week I created the perfect summer treat… Candy cocktails! I didn’t even use alcohol… You can really use whatever drink is your favorite (lemonade, fruit juices, soda, etc). Who wouldn’t love a drink adorned with candy? These are the perfect addition to a summer party and look as good as they taste!

First, I snagged some cocktail glasses from the dollar tree and first dipped them in colored sugar. Then, I added gummy raspberries, blackberries, and strawberries to drink skewers, mini fruit slices on the sides of the glass and gummy twin cherries in the bottom of the drink itself. Let’s talk about these candies for a minute… Why are mini fruit slices so much cuter and taste even better than the normal size?! Also, the gummy strawberries are probably one of my new favorite candies and I’ve always been a fan of gummy raspberries, blackberries and twin cherries! YUM. Finally, for a fun touch I used different colored straws to complete the drink! I found all of my candy for candy cocktails online at Oh! Nuts. They have the biggest variety of just about any candy you could want!

Candy cocktails are so simple to make and make any part that much sweeter! Try making them yourself and let me know how it goes!