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If you are a sucker for candy like I am, then Valentine’s Day is probably one of your favorite holidays. I even loved Valentine’s Day when I was single because my mom would send me all kinds of candy – and who doesn’t love a good Galentine’s Day?? I also love all of the limited-edition candies you can find at the store (my current favorite: Sour Patch Hearts!).

For Valentine’s Day this year, I decided to package up some of my favorite candy to give to all my friends and I teamed up with StickerYou to create the perfect Valentine’s Day candy labels! They make it sooo easy and fun to create candy labels – I designed the label myself using a Valentine’s Day color palette and decided on what size labels I would need. I went with an “Oh so sweet” theme this year and love how the labels turned out! StickerYou is the only platform in the world where you can upload your own designs or artwork to create completely custom stickers, labels, decals, etc. And, you can order as many or as few as you want! Easy as that. I will definitely be ordering more for future custom candy favors.

Some of the candies I included above: custom candy kabobs created by myself, Gimbal’s Cherry Lovers, cinnamon lips, and Valentine Gummy Bears. Hope you all have a sweet week!!




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This post is for all my fellow tennis players/fans…

My dad and I took a trip to Europe two years ago (probably my favorite trip I have been on). I remember walking into a cute little candy shop in Nice, France and seeing these tennis gumballs and thinking they were the cutest candy ever. Anyone that knows me knows I LOVE tennis and I LOVE candy – so these gumballs were meant for me. The funny thing is, tennis is what brought us to France in the first place – we went to watch the French Open! It was pretty unreal being at the French Open in person and seeing the pros play on clay – I’ll never forget it! Since that trip, I have searched the US for places that sell these and had no luck until I decided to search again a couple months ago and found them online.

I ordered a big bag of the tennis gumballs and came up with some cute packaging so I could give them out to all my tennis friends as a Christmas gift this year. They might not look it from the photos, but these gumballs are giant and super sour – in the best way! They even have a texture to them that makes them look exactly like an actual tennis ball. They’re almost too cute to eat – almost. I really hope all you tennis players get to enjoy these one day. Stay tuned because I just might be selling them soon.

Who else is anxious for the Australian Open in January? Merry Christmas everyone! 🙂