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candy babel

While I was home in Oregon last weekend, I had the chance to visit Candy Babel! The owner, Amani (pictured above), was so sweet and fun! What makes her store so unique is that she carries candy from around the world with a rotating selection. How delightful! What I loved most about her cute shop is that she doesn’t spend any money on marketing, but instead raises money for local schools. How cool is that? I not only scooped up the unique bulk candy, but also took home some Lil Miss Marshmallows (made locally in Portland) and yummy peach cotton candy! I will definitely be making another visit when I go back home next!


Quin CandyQuin Candy

Quin Candy Quin Candy Quin Candy^^The lollipops are made with real blackberries – when you hold them up to the light you can see the seeds! Quin Candy^^These were definitely my FAVORITE! They’re similar to starbursts but better!


When I was in Portland over the holidays, of course I visited as many candy shops as I could! I heard about a new Portland-based candy store called Quin and wanted to try it out. The store itself is fairly small, but offers a unique candy experience, resembling a NYC subway stop with neon yellow signage and bold candy packaging. What makes the candy so unique is that it is all made with real fruit and fresh, local ingredients (and no artificial coloring). I tried the blackberry lollipops and you can hold them up to the light to see the actual blackberry seeds! These are made with real Oregon (the best) blackberries. Mmmm. My favorite thing I tried were the Dreams Come Chew. They’re like starbursts but more real-tasting (if that’s even possible). I loved the strawberry and tangerine flavors but they also have yummy lemon and cherry. Also, if you are a caramel fan, they’ve got some amazing homemade caramels in all flavors! Of course there’s also gumdrops, marshmallows and an assortment of others sweets. What’s not to love?

Quin candy store made me feel like I was right at home. It’s very Portland-ish and has an organic, natural feel to the store, unlike most candy stores. I LOVE the line they use in their store and on their bags – Candy is Magic. It’s so true! Next time you are in Portland, check out one of their two locations or order some online!