cracked candy

cracked candy

cracked candy cracked candy cracked candy cracked candy cracked candy

cracked candy cracked candyEver since I was little, I usually found out I had a cavity every time I went to the dentist. I never understood why because I always brushed my teeth, but apparently I ate too much candy or something! When I heard about a new candy that is actually good for your teeth and helps REDUCE cavities, I thought it might be a joke… I was so excited when I got the mail this past week and found a box of Cracked Candy to try!

Yes, Cracked Candy is actually GOOD for your teeth! Why? It’s made with xylitol (I had heard that word before but never really knew what xylitol was), which is a natural sweetener found in trees, fruits, vegetables and in our bodies. Studies have shown that daily doses of xylitol help reduce plaque, cavities and even improve tooth enamel. Crazy, right?! Oh, it’s also vegan, diabetic friendly and safe for kids! It’s a win for everyone.

I tried each of the four flavors of Cracked Candy, including mellow orange, peppermint, lemon and cinnamon. I would say the lemon flavor was probably my favorite but they all have a fresh flavor to them! The candy comes in artistic tins and is literally cracked in pieces, so none are exactly the same. The tins are the perfect size to fit in your purse, I love it! I love how Flora, the founder of Cracked Candy, says ““it’s a given that candy makes you happy. I just wanted to make candy healthy.” Read more about her story here and try some Cracked Candy for yourself. 🙂